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Membership Rates as Low as $15.00 per Month - With term agreement

No Long-Term Commitment Option Available, Call For More Information.

Group Classes

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Ease of Payment

No Purchase of Un-needed Services

Access to Certified Personal Trainers

Our staff is concentrated on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Assistance in Tracking of Your Goals and Achievements

Receive skilled training services that will enhance your performance.

Weekly Health & Wellness Meal Tips

Healthy tips and fitness exercises that will help you MAINTAIN.

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VIP (Very Important Priority)

Envizion Fitness is concentrated in aiding you in becoming the BEST you. With our “Industry Leading” service and highly skilled staff, we GUARANTEE a welcoming environment geared towards helping you reach your goals.

Each member’s priorities are our most important focus. We welcome V.I.P. members to take advantage of all benefits and features provided by Envizion Fitness.

As an Envizion V.I.P. member, you will have access to world-class exercise equipment, professional staff of fitness experts, and affordable membership. Our skilled staff and personal trainers are all concentrated on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Cost should never be a barrier to meeting your fitness goals. We focus on providing skilled training services that will enhance your performance and ability to obtain your optimum level of exercise.

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**Youth add on (14+), couple rates, and corporate plans available.
*Discount packages available for Veterans.  Inquire in store. 

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